Friday, May 29, 2009

David Harris: Reflection- Andrea Graham

Its interesting to see people drop their eyes and just keep walking
They don't seem to care about what i have in my hand and that I am talking
Or that I am trying to sell for those who have much less than I
They just keep walking
Lets think of others before ourselves for once
Take into consideration what we can offer those who ask us for some
Spare change on our busy way
We don't see those who are invisible
But they aren't
They are people just like you and me
It only cost a measly dollar which you could spare
- Andrea Graham

David Harris: Reflection- Jonathan Barnett

Tell me do you know what the homeless go through?
I live a nice life and so do you.
But do you ever wonder
about the people on the streets
Those who sell newspapers just to get enough to eat
Some people that i have met work hard to survive
But its hard when they don't have a home in their lives
To live a homeless life really must suck.
When people walk by and cant even spare a buck.
The way that people treat the homeless is a pity
But to me the homeless people are the toughest in the city
-Jonathan Barnett

David Harris: Reflection- Miranda Mullins

I learned many things from the people I have met on this trip
1) How to respect the oddest people
2) That every little thing counts.
3)No matter what I will remember the kindness I have been taught through my life so I don't end up like the cold s.o.b's that past us by on the street
- Miranda Mullins

David Harris: Reflection- Kayleigh Philips

Well over the last few days I have met people of all races and ages who are homeless. And Ive learned that homelessness is not always their fault.Well to do people should use their resources available to them and pass some to to the homeless to give them a chance at a normal life. But I have also learned that the homeless are looked down upon. People pretend they are not there because 'normal people' pretend that there isn't a problem, this doesn't mean that you don't exist. And I think the biggest stumbling block for the homeless is the fact that there is a lack of compassion among the human race. Just a smile or a kind word could brighten their day, and maybe one postive thinker can trigger more postive things for someone.

David Harris: Reflection- Daniele Hepler

You walk by in your shiny shoes
After your long day is through
You refuse to buy their paper without a 'no, thank you'
Not knowing they worked all that too
But their work day is different from yours
These people fight all day for a bite to eat
While you sit back in your office chair and prop up your feet
They worry all day of where they will rest for the night
And you argue with the Big man of who is wrong or right
Begging for a little change and waiting a little small talk
While you figure how to avoid these people and find a new route to walk
See they work just as you so
Maybe you should stop and think a few
At how these people are once just like you
Donate a dollar to help them out
And give them something to really shout about
Then just come and get you street sense
Which thought was torture and at your expense.
-Daniele Hepler

David Harris: Reflection- Ashleigh Gill

The Homeless

The city roars
Like the bones of a mechanical lizard
An inch to the left and an inch to the right
And you
Asleep on the scales shiver
Where the wide windows look
Where the cold soup sits
Where the green tongued gentleman pockets jingle
I have seen you
I have seen you and you are crouching
You are cold skinned and shade drawn
I have seen and felt the blindness of you
Rattling curling, brother sister daughter son
Tape your shoes cling tight
The lizard is moving on

David Harris: Reflection- Jennifer Bowman

Homelessness affects more than we know
It affects all types
Men, women children
The young and the old
Some become bitter, angry and mad
Yelling at others or just not caring at all
While other do the best they can
Helping people while they strive to survive
Dunny times, good days, bad days
Homeless people are no different than us
No matter what we choose to see
They all have a story just like you and me
Why are we so busy
Why do we rush
Is getting somewhere
really better than helping a fellow man
Look at me
When you walk by
Yes I may be homeless but
that's no reason not to say Hi
Why must we always use cellphones for talking
And ignore others while we are walking
If someone speaks to you Look!
Don't act as if they are some kin of crook
So why not do a little more giving
Different as we may be
It shouldn't be that hard to see
That they are trying to make a way
To find a better day
- Jennifer Bowman

Serving the people at DC Thrive was my favorite part because I was able to have some interaction with everyone that was there for a meal. It was a good feeling to be able to help feed so many and also just to smile at them and say hello, My favorite person wad a little old lady who was disabled. I went and gave her food and kept checking on her. She was so kind and appreciative of a friendly face that stopped to help.
When we passed out lunches at the park the older man at the park look as if he were about to cry all because we stopped and said Hi and noticed him.